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2021 cancelled but we hope to see you in 2022...

79 entrants signed up for Bunny Hop 2020 before lockdown and we all shared our disappointment that the event could not take place.

For the above reason, we gave everyone the choice at the time of a) Rollover b) Refund c) Donation to Bridgwater Foodbank.

As a result of this, over £300 was generously donated to Bridgwater Foodbank.

In the last few weeks, following government announcements, it has become clear that BH cannot take place in 2021 either.

Therefore, all remaining rollover funds were returned in the last two weeks. If you entered and paid via the Fullonsport website, and have not received your refund, please let us know. Fullonsport went into administration during the period, so funds were returned by post/cheque.

We are most grateful for the support Fullonsport gave us during their operation and are most sorry they were a casualty of the epidemic. We hope their staff or managers will come back in some form or other as they did a great job.

All of us fervently hope to be back up and running in 2022 and send best wishes to all.

Anthony Lipmann

Race Entry Sec

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